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The battery is the most critical component of any device. When you are inventing or designing your product, then finding the most suitable battery is a challenging job. Most of the available batteries may not be able to fit the design and energy capacity of the product. MELASTA has helped numerous clients with the design and production of their customized solutions. Melasta’s R&D team cooperates with the client to design the best possible design with proper chemistry to fulfill the energy capacity needs.
These are some factors which consider while customizing the solution

BMS Design Service
Melasta provides the BMS design service for the required application of the customer. Our R&D labs have capabilities to design the all kind of BMS to monitor and regulate state of the charge (SOH), State of Discharge(SOH), State of Function (SOF), Protection while charging and discharging.   

Charger Design Service
Charger compatibility is very important for the customized BMS and batteries. Melasta also provide the customized charger design service. Our R&D is fully available for the design of your dream power solution, from idea to the final product.

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