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Melasta Corporation is a US-based company focused on Lithium battery technologies for electric mobility and having manufacturing facilities in Asia. It was established in 2012. It has two dedicated research and development centers dedicated to providing customized and standard E Bike Battery, Two Wheeler, three wheeler and Electric wheelchair solutions. It mainly serves the customers for industrial, and consumer projects with its highly customized products based on different Lithium technologies such as Lithium-ion and Lithium Iron Phosphate. It offers a complete set of services, includes integrated hardware and software system, BMS (Battery Management Systems) Design, Battery case/housing design, Cell Chemistry selection, Battery testing, Certifications approval and Battery Pack manufacturing.


Dedication and Quick Service Concept

Melasta has a unique concept of providing quick service with effective results; our Teams respond within 24 hours to customers to receive and confirm the battery pack's information and details. Our dedicated R&D centers offer the battery evaluation within 72 hours after confirmation of the battery details. We provide the battery sample within 7 working days. This service enables our customers to get their projects ready on time and meeting their milestone deadlines.


Quality Focus

Our production facilities are equipped with state of the art latest technologies. We have got numerous certifications like CE, KC, FCC, ISO 9001, RoHS, and UN38.3 to meet the most recent international production standards. The fulfilment of these international standards is our crucial consideration during production. We have certification from SGS for product and factory inspection. We have a quality assurance system to meet the international standards for all the processes from product design, development of product, manufacturing, to after-sales services.


People Driven Organization

Our main ideology is to focus on Human Resource development. We value knowledge, creative minds, cultural understanding, interpersonal skills, and we seek out the best part of the personality. We have dedicated Research and Development(R&D) teams that focus on innovation and quality products for our customers all over the world. Our Sales and Marketing teams are highly trained and dedicated to providing quality service to delight our customers. For the development of our dedicated employees, we mainly focus on their personal and professional development. We choose the best training for professional development delivered by highly qualified professionals in the industry.


Educational Research Cooperation

Since Melasta is a research-focused organization and we heavily invest in both Educational and Industrial Research to develop lithium technology solutions to its further extend. Melasta corporation has cooperated with multiple universities in the United States for educational research and sponsored the student teams in their projects.


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