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Why Choose Melasta For E-Bike
1.Extend Riding Distance and Fast Charging
Melasta batteries provide high capacity batteries, which help e-bikes companies to extend the riding distance of each ride. Melasta Provides the hustle free Quick charging system, which also offers convenience.
2.Design Flexibility
Melasta provides customized designs according to customer needs in different kinds of bikes. This helps customers to develop different variants in the market to extend the product lines. Customers can reach the energy and voltage according to the need of customers.
3.Improve safety and Quality
Quality and safety are the primary concerns of e-bikes. Melasta provides the latest cell balancing technology, which helps to improve the quality and safety of our batteries. Melasta batteries are the best choice of new startups of e-bikes and well-known brands around the globe. We follow international standards from the ground to the best quality products.


Boats and yachts 

Challenge your Aquatic Adventures with reliable Power
The most enjoyable thing for Cruisers, racers, and anglers is to spend more and more time on the water. Melasta Provides the best solutions for boats and yachts so they can let the adventurers complete their adventures without worrying about power loss. We have a full range of batteries to fulfill all the need for power for the watercraft.

Benefits of Melasta Batteries for Marine Crafts 

We built the batteries according to the International standards and the demand of the customers. Our batteries are lightweight, equipped with fast charging technology, highly durable, and maintenance-free.
1.Easy replacement solution
Melasta has produced the batteries with a standard size, which can replace your old batteries without any problem. It’s just like a plug and plays solution. If you need customization according to your design, our Research and Development (R&D) team can design the customized solution as per demand.
2.Lighter weight solution
Li-ion Technology has enabled the industry to produced lightweight batteries, almost half of the weight of traditional Lead-acid batteries. Melasta has optimized the design with much lighter weight and high energy density.
3.Reliable Power Source
Melasta batteries are a reliable source of energy, especially when you are on the water. These batteries provide long-lasting energy to fulfill your marine craft needs, from running A/C to trolling motors. When you know you have a big reserve of energy in your marine craft, you can focus on enjoying your adventure rather than worrying about power loss.
4.Maintenance Free
By using Melasta batteries means you have chosen the best energy solution for your marine craft because you do not need to worry about the maintenance of the battery, no watering, and no corrosion. For charging, you need to plug in with any energy source; it might be the generator, solar systems, or direct electricity. Less-self discharge rate makes the batteries a more reliable source of energy.
5.High-Temperature Tolerance
Melasta batteries have high-temperature tolerance from cold to high temperatures and also the best solution for rough waters. Our R&D has designed these batteries according to the real-time environment.
6.Clean Energy Solution,
MELASTA batteries are eco-friendly and do not have any hazardous materials which could be harmful to the environment of marine life. These batteries are a reliable energy source with environment protection.




Golf Carts 

Melasta Batteries for Golf Carts
Melasta Batteries are the game changers when it comes to efficiency and reliability. Golf carts are the premium carts which required reliable energy without and hustle. We have designed the special size batteries for golf carts to make the replacement easier. There are no high technical skills need to replace the Li-ion batteries with Lead-acid batteries. Plug out the old Lead-acid batteries and plug-in new Melasta Batteries. Connect the terminals, and your carts are ready to ride with reliable energy.

Advantages Melasta Batteries

1.Easy Installation
Melasta Provide the Plug and play an easy installation solution. We also provide videos and written manuals to plug-in batteries.
2.State of the art manufacturing
Melasta has three States of manufacturing plants to produce and complete the orders worldwide. Our clients trust us because of our state of the art factories. Our client can visit us at any time to see the production and warehouse facilities. We have got a HITECH industry award due to a contribution to the development of new technologies for battery manufacturing.
3.Smart BMS for balancing the energy
BMS is a system for balancing the smooth charging and discharging of the battery, to ensure the use of maximum capacity throughout the battery life.Melasta has built up the smart BMS system to increase the performance of the battery.


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