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Melasta Batteries for Solar Panels
Melasta batteries are the best choice for solar panels energy storage because these batteries can store the maximum level of energy with the ultimate clean energy goals. When you have more power on reliable batteries, you can enjoy more without worrying about electricity cut. Reliable and durable batteries are the most important thing when you are connecting your home, business or critical remote monitoring equipment the energy sources. Melasta provides the high tech solution you can trust for your business, home and critical-missions.

Melasta Solar Panel Battery Features
1. Partial State of Charge (PSOC)
A partial state of charge is not a good option for lead-acid batteries. Lead-acid batteries do not perform well when they are not charged correctly. In that case, lithium-ion batteries are the best choice that can perform well even during the Partial state of charge. Melasta batteries can work properly, even in their charging state.
2. Capacity usage compression 
Typical Lead-acid batteries are bigger in size but less energy density as compared to Melasta Li-ion batteries. Melasta batteries provide 100% of their rated capacity with a very less self-discharge rate. These batteries have a longer life cycle with high sustainability and reliability.
3. High efficiency 
Melasta batteries are highly efficient, with a rate of 99% in respect of charging and discharging. These batteries have little resistance, which helps to charge much faster as compared to the traditional Lead-acid batteries. Lead-acid batteries only can reach the 60% of their capacity and have a meager recharging rate.
4. Longest Life cycle 
Melasta has designed its batteries according to the high-tech standards and produces in state of the art factories equipped with the latest technologies. So our batteries’ life is 10 times longer than normal lead-acid batteries. Melasta batteries still provide 80% to 85% of the rated capacity after using the 2000 cycles. So it minimizes the replacement of your batteries for your appliances.
5. Maintenance Free
The best thing about Melasta Li-ion batteries is that they do not need any maintenance, no watering, no corrosion. The self-discharge rate is very low for Melasta batteries; they do not lose their capacity during their idle state; this characteristic can assure the availability of energy whenever you need it.
6. Green Energy 
Melasta produces all the batteries according to International safety and green environment standards and does not use any hazardous material which can affect the natural environment. We are proud to provide green energy to the world.

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