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Melasta Laptop Battery
Melasta provides a wide range of laptop battery packs for lightweight laptops. Our batteries are one of the best solutions for laptop batteries. We also offer the customization service for laptop battery; new Melasta batteries can provide the new life to your device. With the use of our high-tech technologies, we can provide higher capacity batteries.
1.Longer Battery Life
Melasta Produces different capacities batteries with different shapes cylindrical-, prismatic-, and polymer-type by the use of high tech technology, which increases the battery life. Longer battery life helps our clients to win their customers' trust.
2.Smaller volume and weight
Melasta provides customized solutions for slim and lightweight laptop batteries with the highest energy density. We also produce polymer and even prismatic batteries, which enable our clients to produce thinner laptops as per the market demand.
3.Enhanced safety and quality
The use of International Standards for production makes our batteries safe and provide a better quality for laptop series. The self-diagnose system prevents batteries from any kind of damage.


Tablet and Mobile Phones 

Make your tablet Ultra slim and more powerful with innovative technology. All the Melasta battery for tablet has UN38.3 certificate to ensure that customers can carry the device wherever they want.
1.Longer Battery Life
Melasta has developed the technology which produced the batteries that can extend the battery life much longer. This technology helps to get high density and high voltage at the same time.
2.Smaller Volume and lightweight
Tablet and mobile phone’s weight is an essential part of customer consideration while selecting them. Melasta Produce the batteries, which can reduce the weight of your device with the same energy capacity, so you can produce tablets lighter than ever before. We also provide the products according to the customer demand which enhances design flexibility.
3.International Quality standards
Melasta Produces products according to International standards. We have all quality standards certifications to provide products all over the world. For example, CE, FCC, UN38.3, and others.


Wearable Devices
Melasta has advantage to design and produce small size batteries which can be fit into wearable devices.Safety is the key focus our research and development for wearable devices batteries. Melasta has also provided customized designs for a lot of wearable devices available in the market. Our R&D team provides the services to design the battery pack according to the customer requirements. this a big team of qualified engineers and designers who can make your product much lighter and with better energy capacity collaborating with the R&D team.
1.Best Quality and safety measures
The manufacturing process ensures the Quality of the products, innovative technology of Melasta ensure the safety of the product to make entirely safe wearable products.



Power Bank Battery
Melasta provides the best quality, and high-density energy-saving cells power bank demand. We offer customized solutions for Cylindrical battery cells as well as prismatic battery cells. Melasta battery Cells have the proven most extended battery life cycle.
1.Safety and Quality
Melasta Ensures product quality through international standard production procedures.


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