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Melasta has  state of the art manufacturing plant. It also has some associated manufacturing plants to meet the customers’ requirements.Total Quality Management Systems (TQM) is the integral part of the manufacturing process to ensure the promising quality for the customers.Our factories have the best manufacturing plants with semi-automated Japanese technology machinery. All the processes are approved to minimize the risk low quality. 


Production Capacity


Battery type

Production Capacity

Li-PO Battery Pack

10,000 batteries/day(1000mAh 2S1P)

LiFePO4 Battery Pack

200Units/day (100Ah 16S4P)

Li-ion Battery Packs

3,000 units/day (12000mAh 12S5P)


Overall Machinery

◆ 20 Automatic Laminating Machines ◆ 5 Automatic Welding Lines ◆ 5 Automatic Die Cutting Machines

Electric Mobility Solution Manufacturing Plant

Third Factory is located in Quanzhou, Fujian. The covered space is 10,000 square meter with 100 staff members. This plant has Electric mobility solutions assembling line, Customized Battery Pack production division, and R&D development laboratory specialized for BMS design. 


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