E Bike Battery Care

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(Summary description)To get the best possible performance and lifetime out of your e bike battery it's essential to understand just how to take care of it.

E Bike Battery Care

(Summary description)To get the best possible performance and lifetime out of your e bike battery it's essential to understand just how to take care of it.

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To get the best possible performance and lifetime out of your e bike battery it's essential to understand just how to take care of it. When looking at the life as well as service of an e bike battery, charging as well as treatment are the two most essential factors.

E Bike Battery Case

The battery cases come in a number of different styles. The battery might either be "concealed" or disguised on the e bike, or fitted to the framework or rack. Nevertheless, the internal cells, as well as the battery management system, are the same, simply packaged in a somewhat different method.

E Bike Battery Charging

Charging is similar to like charging a laptop or phone. Each e bike is provided with a battery charger and a flat e bike battery can be completely charged in 4-6 hrs. Additionally, the e bike batteries could be charged on or off the e bikes.

The e bike battery does not need to be totally discharged prior to it is charged. A Lithium battery has no memory effect as well as for that reason can be charged at any given time. It is completely appropriate to reenergize the battery after a brief trip so that the e bike battery is totally charged before the next trip.

E Bike Battery Performance

There are a number of variables that impact the performance as well as for this reason the range of your e bike. Riding pattern, terrain, rider’s weight, tire pressure, and temperature level all have an effect. Time is an element as well, all batteries weaken with time, whether they are in use or not.

Obviously, if the terrain is hilly, you will have to make use of even more power. Additionally, the surface you're riding on might create a difference. A tarmacked surface that is smooth takes less effort to ride. A softer surface, like sand, or a loosened material like gravel takes a lot more effort. Keeping tires inflated makes a huge difference due to the fact that soft tires have extra rolling resistance and also drag. Tires pumped to an appropriate pressure will certainly give you much more miles from your e bike battery.

Generally, if you're somewhere where it would certainly use more effort to ride an ordinary e bike, then it will most likely make use of a lot more from the battery e bike than much easier conditions.

E Bike Battery Charger Care

1.Plug the charger in the e bike battery prior to switching on the mains.

2.Similarly, switch the mains off before disconnecting the charger from the e bike battery.

3.Don't leave the battery charger permanently attached.

E Bike Battery Crucial Charging Info

Lithium batteries (and certainly any kind of rechargeable batteries) should not be left discharged. It's a good approach to charge as soon as is sensibly possible after the e bike battery goes to near 0 %. We advise charging after every ride since in this way your e bike is always prepared for the next trip.

1.Don't charge at temperatures below 32 ° F (0 ° C).

2.Switch off the battery e bike before charging if there is a switch on it.

3.Battery e bike can be charged on or off the e bike.

4.Always ensure the e bike battery and battery charger are on a dry and non-flammable surface away from heat sources, humidity and combustible products.

5.Don't cover the battery e bike or battery charger while charging.

6.Only make use of the e bike battery charger supplied.

7.Also, if not being used, charge your e bike battery a minimum of as soon as a month.

E Bike Battery Essential Storage Info

1.Batteries should not be stored in really cool or really hot areas, or subjected to areas of high moisture. They also should not be left in a totally discharged state. If lithium batteries are left at 0 % for a prolonged period, they may not much longer be useful.

2.Store the e bike battery between 15 ° C (59 ° F) and 25 ° C (77 ° F) in a completely dry location. (The same conditions that are in a normal residential house).

3.If your Melasta e bike battery is not being used for a prolonged period it is crucial that you charge it prior to storage and afterward charge the e bike battery once a month to stop deterioration.

E Bike Battery Other Important Info


1.Sleep near any kind of battery that is charging.

2.Crush or pierce.


4.Short circuit the e bike battery connections.

5.Immerse in liquid.

6.Expose to temperature levels above 60 ° C (140 ° F).

7.Leave the battery e bike unattended while charging.


Keep e bike battery away from youngsters.

E Bike Battery Warranty

The battery e bike can have a 3 to 5-year warranty. It depends on the battery chemistry and quality.  

E Bike Battery Disposal

All batteries need to be disposed of properly. Your Melasta lithium battery is no different. Many local authorities provide recycling and also disposal facilities.


At Melasta, we make use of a top-quality e bike battery in all of our e bikes. We want our clients to have an excellent riding experience and this starts at the heart of an e bike. The e bike batteries we utilize are matched with the Battery Management System (BMS) and to get the very best performance out of the system.

As long as you take care of your e bike battery, it will certainly last longer, and provide you numerous miles of happy cycling.



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